Published On: Sun, Jan 10th, 2016

Hair Salons Headache Hangover!

Jombo curling ironsYour Hair Headache Hangover

The Remedy- Lance Lanza is a Hair Stylist in Los Angeles
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OMG…Hair Headache Hangover!

After the haircut you thought you loved, the next day you wash your hair and can’t do a thing with it. Your blood pressure rises and you look for the hair salon’s phone number, the hair dresser’s cell number, and with his email address in panic!!

Write it down. Take a note pad with you and ask the stylist to explain what he’s doing as he styles your hair. Write it down. Also, try to mimic what he does to your hair. Have him show you how to hold the brush in the right direction in your own hand. Knowing and understanding the angles he is using is really important. Consider that the way you must hold the brush yourself will be different from the way a stylist holds a brush to style someone else.

above left and below: Actress! LOL Naturally curly hair with a cellophane.   – at Lancee Lanza hair salon in Los Angeles.

Lance Lanza client with Naturally curly hair with layers. Red cellophane to bring out a bit of pizazz. Hair cut to be worn naturally curly.

Stick to your original plan. After the hairdresser hears what you’re thinking and says, “NO, THAT’S ALL WRONG”—chances are, he is. His hair ego is speaking. He wants to use you as a walking advertisement for referrals. Tell your stylist what you want and ask him how to help you achieve it. Make sure he or she listens carefully to your wishes and fully answers your questions. You know your hair and what you want better than anyone else does!

PicMonkey Collage deanne 10

Hair By Lance Lanza in Los Angeles.  Model Deanne with Great bangs. My most popular requested picture I have ever had on my website.


Bad bangs. The bangs are too short. After you blowdry them with a medium brush, take a fine-toothed comb and comb your bangs down while you blow them with a hair dryer on high heat. Then, smoothen them out with a tiny bit of pomade. Separate the bangs as you rake through the hair with a blow-dryer. This will make them seem longer and not pop up.


PicMonkey Collage model 105

Hair Glamour by Lance Lanza Client: Bronze base color with auburn and copper highlights long layers and loose curls

Color fading. A lot of times, hairdressers will recommend a shampoo that has color in it to keep your hair from fading. Wrong. Most of the time, people use these colored shampoos this end up with such terribly dry hair! In particular, the violet and purple-based shampoos, which are supposedly made to knock out gold in the hair to keep it blonder, just create damaged and dried blonde hair that breaks off. Instead, I recommend using a shampoo for colored hair with no color in it (it should be whitish), and mix it with conditioner fifty-fifty to make it mild. Follow with a conditioner rinse only.

Layered locks. Before you layer your hair, consider its texture. For example, if you have wavy, frizzy hair, you need to calm it down with less la
yers—definitely, no razor cuts, thinning shears, or weaving shears. Curly hair can be cut in small chunks or chops because curly hair likes to clump together. Frizzy hair should have a well precisioned, graduated cut.

lance and model 10

Hair Glamour by Lance Lanza in Los Angeles.. Balayage’ Hair Highlights done to give a Ombre’ feel

Hair Salon shock. Chopping all
your hair off because you are depressed or at the insistence of the hairdresser is not a good idea. If you want a short-hair feeling, take it off slowly. Add a long bang in front, or layers to give you a short-hair look.

If your original intention was a bit of shaping and not to cut a lot of length off, stick to it. If the hairdresser absolutely insists that you should cut it off, don’t keep insisting. Just leave; he sounds like trouble. The perfect trick to escape quickly?  .  (right and below  Lance Lanza with Client Baliage’ with  Ombre’ feel hairstyle.)

Hair Glamour by Lance Lanza in Los Angeles.. Balayage’ Hair Highlights done to give a Ombre’ feel

I hope these suggestions are helpful with your new look!


-Lance Lanza  Hair Stylist