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Great Hair! Beth Behrs beautiful hairstyle and hair color on a waitresses budget


beth buyers hairstyle colorBeautiful Hair on A Waitress Budget

How to Get That Beth Behrs Look

Beauty Editorial – Hair By Lance Lanza December 7, 2012


The Beth Behrs from the popular TV show ” Two Broke Girls” has been showing up to star studded event with gorgeous silky hair.  The straight hair look is one of the top requested hair styles in beauty salons in Los Angeles. Women always ask me how to get this look.

There are basically Three ways: chemical permanent straightening, Brazilian Blowout – Keratin Smoothing and or, and styling your hair straight.

As a hair stylist myself, I do not offer chemical straightening, but I can help you get the right cut and style if you want it straight. Feel free to contact me for an appointment at Hair Glamour By Lanza Los Angeles – West Hollywood


For those of you who are not coordinated enough nor have the time to style your hair straight every time you shampoo your hair, permanent straightening may be the answer. A popular permanent straightener out right now is the Japanese system “Yuko.” This will give you absolutely dead-straight hair. Expect to pay upwards of $400, though. You want a beauty professional to do this who knows what he or she is doing.

Brazillian Blowout  Keratin Treatments


Here are some tips to help you style your hair straight.

The Hair Cut

Get your hair cut just below the shoulders with long layers. The length is important; you want a long-hair look, but not too long to blow dry. The long layers give just enough kick to the cut. The layers can have just a bit of texturizing, but not too much to where you get a lot of flyway’s. The hair must be long enough that it can be wound around a large round brush easily.

The Shampoo

I suggest an enriching shampoo. Combine it with conditioner, half and half mixed together. Then, put a conditioning rinse on afterward. If you are going to be straightening your hair a lot, you don’t want to over-clean your hair, or you’ll dry it out. No deep-cleaning shampoos or volumizing shampoos. These shampoos make the cuticles on the layers lift up. You want the cuticles to lie down so your hair is smooth and keeps the blow-dry. There are a lot of great manufacturers for good shampoos, so just read the label exactly to see what they intend to do for (or to) your hair. You also want to avoid shampoos with color in them—they dry hair out terribly.

Weekly Cholesterol Treatmentsbeth buyers hairstyle color

If you have very curly or stressed hair I suggest  strongly suggest that once a week you apply cholesterol generously over your hair, especially the ends.  Also there is some nice products out by Aragon oil- Aragon Mask Treatment really does the trick. For both products, place a shower cap over your head for a half our. It helps if you sit under a hot drier. If you don’t have access to one, you can use a blow drier intermittently to heat it up a bit. After the half hour, rinse out your hair really well.

This cholesterol really flattens the cuticles down and makes your hair easier to straighten. It also prevents and even repairs damaged hair. There are a lot of protein treatments out there, but they all seem to dry people’s hair up, so I don’t recommend them. You can get a cholesterol from Queen Helene or ProClaim.

Straightening Creams

Never blow-dry or flat-iron your hair without protectant and relaxer on it. To eliminate flyaway and frizzes and to keep your hair straight, I recommend Giovanni Straight Fast. After you shampoo, use a dollop the size of a quarter for hair above shoulder length, and about double for longer hair. Emulsify the product in your hands, and then apply evenly, starting with the baby hair in front of your hair line. Comb it through all over very well.

The Blow Dry

Rough-dry your hair 95% after applying the straightening cream. You want to make sure the blow dryer is strong and hot, so it does not take too long. Then, with a large Bristol brush, smoothen out the ends a tiny bit, since you’re going to be using a flat iron.

Flat Iron

Using the correct flat-iron is important. Time is essential, as is not damaging your hair. After using many irons, I have found my favorite, the Ion ceramic iron from Sally’s Beauty Supply. The size is perfect; it’s not too large to be clumsy, and it’s not too small to make your styling time too long. The iron gets close to 400 degrees, so it works great! Because it gets so hot, you need to follow these steps to get the best results:

1. Using long-nose clips, section off big sections so as to distribute the heat and shorten straightening time.

2. Squeezing hard with the iron over your hair section, firmly and quickly follow the iron down the hair shaft with a fine-toothed comb. Safely put the iron down on the counter; then quickly, while the hair is still hot, proceed to comb the same section three times. This will make it straighter and shiny. Don’t keep going over the same section of hair with the iron—you will fry your hair.

3. A little-known trick: After having flat-ironed your hair, a great way to really reduce the body of the hair and make it flat is to comb it while a blow-dryer on the hot setting is blowing on it. You want to point the nozzle of the dryer down the shaft of the hair from the top of your head, and comb it down several times all over.

4. Finishing the look: I recently started using an organic Giovanni pomade to add separation to the layers at my Los Angeles Salon. Use less than a dime’s size’s worth and emulsify it in your hands very well. Then, smoothen your hair out with it several times. This will make your hair straighter, smoother, and shinier, and it will keep the blow-dry longer.


Love your acting Beth Behrs!

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