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Lance Lanza on Kelly Clarkson Flattering Graduated Diagonal Forward Bob.

Kelly Clarkson Cuts a New Album
and Hair Style

02/07/2006 - Kelly Clarkson - 2006 Clive Davis Pre-GRAMMY Awards Party

Bob hair cut. Diagonal Forward hair cut. Kelly Clarkson

Hair By Lance Lanza in Beverly Hills
Updated November 2017-  Article originally written August 2, 2006


Kelly Clarkson at the 2006 Clive Davis Pre-Grammy Awards Party at the Beverly Hills Hilton on February 7, 2006.  Photo: Glenn Harris, Photorazzi with permission.
Wow! This cut looks great on Kelly Clarkson and accentuates her features, and it is the absolute latest style in the high fashion magazines. Folks, this is what happens when Vidal Sassoon meets Rock ‘n’ Roll. The bob has a feminine, far-side part and is really sexy and alluring. Kelly has an angelic, round face and is set off quite glamorously with those long, sweeping bangs. Her smoothed-out bangs, framing her face as they do, give her the appearance of a narrow face with high cheek bones. Kelly knows that her hair shapes her face like a supermodel.

Length is important here, too, with diagonal-bang bobs such as Kelly’s. She knows exactly how long and how short her hair should be in order to optimize her overall, exquisite look. Her length is short enough to fall just above her shoulders, enough to give the illusion of a slimmer, taller neck. Furthermore, her hair is long enough to traverse her cheeks so as to deliver the slim, tall look. The long pieces in the front set off the model look nicely!

I would recommend this cut for girls that don’t suffer from anorexia! Though Kelly flat-irons her hair here, it is such a precision cut it should fall into place if done by the right, experienced stylist.

Her color, well, is just yummy. It looks good on her and is IN! Ladies, if you want to achieve her color, here is the secret: Base color, ON-OFF.

Kelly is probably a medium to dark brunette. A lot of stylists put on a base color first for 20 to 30 minutes to lighten up the natural dark brown hair. BAD. You should put a base color on quickly, then immediately take it off. The objective of a base color is to remove the ashy brown from brown, not to create a reddish-brownish, brassy color, which would happen if a color three shades lighter is left too long on a brunette. Let’s review: base color, on-off.

After Kelly’s base color is properly softened, highlights should be added in a natural, golden blond.

I would highlight with two formulas. First, Goldwell Oxycur Platin lightener and 20 volume in medium streaks close together, along with Goldwell lightener and 10 volume done in slices. What is really important here is that the foils cover the full head and are back to back, close together. Don’t leave the back darker, or the neck will look shorter, creating a shadow look.

After applying the highlights, go under a heat lamp for 10 minutes. After shampooing out the foils, I suggest toning the highlights with a light, neutral-blond semi-permanent such as Goldwell’s Colorance 10-N. Five minutes toning would do it.

And to set this movie star look, give it some pizzazz . . . a shiny clear cellophane!

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