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Jennifer Aniston Hair Color and Style. Hairstyles for Women

Jennifer Aniston (J-An!) Hair Color & Style 
Hair By Lance Lanza in West Hollywood at Gloss- Reviews J-An’s  Glamour secrets…
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Jennifer Aniston textured wispy diagonal forward bobJennifer Aniston created such a stir in hair trends for the beauty industry, tens of thousands of hair salon clients around the United States bring in pictures of Jennifer Aniston’s sexy hair cut and hair colors.  I my self have heard Jennifer Aniston over and over at my salon in West Hollywood.  The envious women plead with their hairdresser to give them a current Jennifer Aniston look. From everyone’s initial J-An Rachael look from Friends to her most recent long-layered, long-bang sassy cut, women everywhere want to have lively long locks just like hers. How do you achieve this Aniston look? As a hairdresser from the Gloss Salon in West Hollywood, let me give you some expert beauty advice on how to get this luscious, lovely long-layered look that will make you the envy of all your friends.

Jennifer Aniston Hair Color review below rightjennifer anniston 2012 layers

Step 1. Highlights. If you are a medium to light brunette, you already have the same base color as J-An. In that case, you need to highlight with L’Oreal high-lift Golden Blonde and 40-volume, and alternate with L’Oreal high-lift Natural and 40-volume crème developer. You want to make sure to use crème developer so the product will be thick and the foil will not slip. Do medium-ish (half-inch-wide) streaks. Then, sit under a hot dryer approximately 20 minutes to process.

Step 2. Lowlights. After 20 minutes, come out of the dryer and add lowlights, approximately three foils on both sides of the head. I suggest medium golden brown like Wella Color Charm #435 with 20-volume crème developer. Do medium-to-thick (3/4-inch) streaks, and do one lowlight foil in the bang area. After ten minutes, shampoo and condition. Towel-dry the hair.

Step 3. Gloss. To create a shiny, golden, healthy glow, apply a Golden Color Gloss by Clairol. Use 1 oz. 8GB Clairol Radiance, 1 oz. Clairol Radiance Clear, and 2 oz. Radiance Infuser. Saturate hair with this Clairol Radiance mixture with a clear cap. Let Set for 15 minutes with no heat. Shampoo and Condition.

The Jennifer Aniston Hair Cut Reviewsjennifer aniston bangs 1

Step 1. Create the Bang. (picture right and above)  Cut hair to two inches above the bra strap. Part hair on left side above the center of the left eye. Section out a bang that is two inches deep from your widow’s peak (center of hairline at top of forehead) in a circular shape that is one inch deep at both temples. Start to cut the bang at the center of the nose with the scissors at a 45-degree angle, and continue cutting until the lower-right cheek. Soften the bang by lifting it up and cutting vertical snips a bit. Don’t overdo it, since the target look is a heavy bang.

Step 2. The Long Layers. Create a halo, parting from ear to ear one inch thick. At top of head, cut your shortest layer. You will measure this piece by lifting a two-inch-wide piece; and when it comes down, it should fall 2.5 inches below the ear. Round-layer the whole head following the shape of the head.

Step 3. Texture. To create texture, cut a lot of vertical snips in the hair, incorporating movement into the hair and encouraging hold and body in the hair.

Step 4. Blowdry. Apply leave-in conditioner and blowdry, removing 75% of moisture. Blow bangs out to the side, not forward. Section hair out, and blow it out straight using a medium-bristle round brush. Achieve a slight flip outward at the bottom of the hair.

Step 5. Finish. To create sexy body in the hair, use a hot roller. I suggest jumbo size. You can put the rollers in any direction. Do not put them in the bangs (it will make them too poofy). Remove rollers when cool. Don’t run your fingers through it or comb it out, so that it stays sexy and messy. Add a light shaper spray to help hold the look. And you have the J-An Look!


Left below: The Rachael Cut that started it all..

jennifer aniston Rachael Look Friends TV Series