Hair Salons Headache Hangover!

Hairstylist Lance Lanza gives you a  hair remedy for the hair headache

Your Hair Headache Hangover The Remedy- Hair By Lance Lanza Hair Salons in Los Angeles OMG…Hair HeadacheHangover! After the haircut you thought you loved, the next day you wash your hair and can’t do a thing with it. Your blood pressure rises and you look for the hair salon’s phone number, the hair dresser’s cell number, and More...

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By admin On Sunday, January 3rd, 2016

Lucious, Loose, and Lovely Curls

  Lance Lanza – Hair Salon in Los Angeles (Celebrity -Amy Adams right) January 2016   Meg Ryan straight hair with those flicky flips is out. Flat hair is out. Not only is it out, straightening More...

Jennifer Aniston textured wispy diagonal forward bob
By admin On Sunday, January 3rd, 2016

Jennifer Aniston Hair Color and Style.

Jennifer Aniston (J-An!) Hair Color & Style Hair By Lance Lanza in West Hollywood at Gloss- Reviews J-An’s  Glamour secrets…                                               More...

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Communication Consultation and Clippings. Hair By Lance Lanza

Finding The Right Hairdresser In The Big City Communication Consultation and Clippings Editorial Review -Hair By Lance Lanza.  12/25/2017 visit Lance at his Los Angeles salon As a hairdresser, I know everyone’s More...